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Daniel Kamin's Biography


Writing since high school, I've loved the idea of putting words into play and making them come alive. Following that passion led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in English at DePaul University and, later on, a master's in Writing and Publishing from DePaul.

My first serious venture into writing a full length novel ended up in my first novel, Ruby of the Realms, which was published by Black Rose in 2010.


Since then, I have kept writing and working hard to stay in the field. I became an editor, both for other authors looking to polish their work and for those in the academic field pursuing other passions.


Over the years, I've dabbled in short stories and had a couple published, including "Showdown" in eFantasy’s February 2013 issue, "Dead Men Tell Far Too Many Tales" in Aphelion Press’s December 2019 issue, and "Drawings of Something Far Away" in Ward Literary Magazine’s November 2020 issue.

I'm working on my next novel, a YA contemporary fantasy. We'll see where that ends up!

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